For Building Owners, Facility Managers, Teachers and Community Leaders

If you have ever wondered what you could do with your existing building and the land it sits on, or even your entire community, to save electricity, capture and treat water, to improve your health or that of others, overall comfort, property value, or the overall customer experience. WV GreenWorks is for you.  Many in this region want to talk with experts who can recommend best practices for simple improvements, but those experts are hard to find. We’ve done the legwork for building owners and community developers by inviting the region’s leaders in energy efficiency and environmental design to be at your service, to answer questions, to give advice, and to even partner with you on your current and future projects. We are building a new Website, one that will better connect you to us, to useful information, and to terrific resources to help you get things done in healthier, more efficient, more affordable ways.

Quick Links to Resources for School and Daycare Facility Administrators and Stakeholders

USGBC 2013 State of Our Schools Report: If you’re looking for public and legislative support for your facility upgrades, this report is data rich, and very helpful. 

Green Existing Schools Toolkit: The US Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools advocates for healthy, high performance schools for everyone, not just our newest schools. Improving the way we operate and maintain existing schools where every child learns and every teacher teaches will advance learning and save millions.

For excellent sample policies, programs, and plans • data collection forms, worksheets, and tables • sample surveys, click here.

Financing Energy Upgrades for K-12 School Districts: by Merrian Borgeson and Mark Zimring, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Chemicals in Consumer Products, Schools Buildings, and Supplies: From the folks at, this list is helpful to everyone, especially those in charge of the safety and welfare of children.

Meet the Chemicals: Want to know more about the toxic characters that have leached and off-gassed into every aspect of our lives?

Toxic Chemicals Outside Our Schools: Video by Garrett Hubbard, Steve Elfers, Denny Gainer, and Rhyne Piggott  USA TODAY examines the impact of industrial pollution outside the nation’s schools and explores how toxic chemicals shuttered one elementary school in Addyston, Ohio, three years ago.

Link Your Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency Efforts: While improving the health of occupants is a concern for many school officials, energy costs are also a fundamental issue for schools. These efforts do not have to be made independently. With proactive planning and communication, school managers and officials can effectively integrate IAQ and energy efficiency activities during renovations and ongoing maintenance and operations. An integrated approach to IAQ and energy efficiency has the
potential to lower energy costs, advance environmental sustainability goals and protect occupant health.



WV GreenWorks
 is a non-profit community redevelopment resource dedicated to helping building owners, community leaders, emerging professionals, and advocates get connected to the green and sustainable knowledge, training and resources they need to get their work done.

We partner with high performing organizations and subject matter experts from across industries to make our “places” more efficient, healthier, accessible, and attractive to 21st century knowledge economy workers.

We organize public education and training events, support industry certification training for energy raters and builders, offer energy audits, energy modeling, and consulting for Energy Star, LEED for Homes, NAHB Green, and Enterprise Green Communities.


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